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Metodo Gokhale in Europa

We also have teachers in Europe, offering Gokhale Method courses and selling Gokhale Method products.

If no classes are listed in your area, please, contact us using our class request form.

Our teachers are located in the following countries and offering courses in local language: Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

Our European Teachers

Look for this symbol next to a teacher's name if you're interested in trying PostureSensei™ !
Bristol, BST
Teaching therapeutic yoga and bodywork for over two decades, Clare recognized the wisdom, logic and economy of the Gokhale Method® immediately. Clare has taught and celebrated this transformative approach for over 7 years at her Bristol studio. She loves seeing her students' increased confidence and the benefits they experience from this approach.

[email protected]
Bristol, United Kingdom
+44 07982 231317


Buxheim, BY
Esther Pohl hörte das erste Mal von der Gokhale Methode, nachdem ihre seit Jahren andauernden Rückenschmerzen sich durch einen Bandscheibenvorfall nach der Geburt ihres Kindes verstärkt hatten. Von der Schulmedizin alleine gelassen, entwickelte sie großen Ehrgeiz, an ihrer Körperhaltung zu arbeiten und bekam schnell ein völlig neues Körpergefühl. Esther Pohl bietet zur Zeit keine Kurse in Europa an.

[email protected]
Ingolstadt, Germany
+49 176-22345383


Birr, OY
Jessika's desire to teach stems from her own success with the Gokhale Method. She was diagnosed with a bad back in her early 20s but ignored the diagnosis and satisfied her hunger for sport and physical activity.

[email protected]
Hamburg, Germany

Bristol, BST
John is an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner, with a scientific background in psychology and IT. After 20 years of chronic, seemingly intractable back pain, he discovered the Gokhale Method and travelled to India to observe the Primal Posture of local, working people – the founding principle of the method

[email protected]
Bristol, United Kingdom
Within the UK: 
0772 40 96 247
+44 772 40 96 247

Julie came across the Gokhale Method in 2016 when looking for a solution to her long-standing back pain. The intense fitness routine she had developed to cope with her history of back problems gradually changed from being helpful to causing excruciating pain accompanied by numbness in her arms and legs. Changing her posture became the key to becoming active again.

[email protected]
Oehringen, Germany
Landline +49 (0)7941 39486
Mobile +49 (0)174 820 2437 

Ljubljana, LJU
Sabina Blumauer lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a professional biologist, swing and blues dance instructor, choreographer and performer who loves sharing her knowledge about movement. After attending the Gokhale Method Foundations course she knew that she wanted to share this profound knowledge with the world.

[email protected]