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Getting It Right

Mike Madges
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6 years 9 months ago
07/17/2013 - 7:42am
Getting It Right

I sleep on my side and would like to continue by side stretching . . . working only with the book, it seems like one could go wrong at several points in the step-by-step instructions . . . wanting to avoid doing more harm than good, have you ever considered doing a You Tube demonstration or can the steps be reduced to some key points to assure benefit rather than harm? . . . Appreciate your assistance . . .    

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12 min 36 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

This one is tricky. We have it broken down on our DVD. We teach this technique in Lesson 2 of our six lesson Gokhale Method Foundations course. Even with a teacher hovering over you, learning this is tricky. It's often not until the Lesson 6 review that people feel they get it. 

The most challenging step is the step of getting rid of the sway that forms after slightly exaggeratedly sticking the bottom back. At the very least, try to lengthen the torso by lifting the upper body off the bed, digging into the bed and pushing the elbow down toward the feet.

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